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The Front Door


The name is something you often only hear in sided jokes from your friends in the army. The navy pokes fun at the company as being "cheaper than using cannonballs". Fittingly so, this group is the one place that no lifer soldier ever wants to find himself.

Its B-Company, the notched out hole of a division that is held together only by a common sense of comraderie and shared interested in the inability to meet up to social standards. Retired mercenaries, wash-outs, or derelects kicked off of main duty find themselves under the juristiction of a Lieutenant-Commander Linzaki Hala'zashim, a Draenei Warrior that has been turfed from command on the beach of Highbank.

However, the division continues to grow - its numbers swell and civilian elements have begun to take hold. Less of a constructed armed force, Bursadare has slowly begun to evolve into a patchwork system of various "spotfillers" among the ever-stretched forces of the Alliance; filling both the roles of armed guards, scouts, informants and workers.

Having currently taken up residence in the chilly mountain canyon of South Gate Pass, Bursadare is currently locking down a place of operations while expanding into various resource-rich fields both in Dun Morogh as well as Loch Modan. Local farmhands, smiths, and plysmen have all been scurrying about the division's command tent for a chance at getting some hard earned Alliance coin.

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New Cinderbloom SelisanaNobody
New Twilight Jasmine SelisanaNobody
New Volatile Life SelisanaNobody
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Random Person!
Most call me Sel, though the guild will know me as Linzaki. I'm clung to the one they call Dom until her rat poison finally does me over >.>

Please check your stupidity at the door.
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